Why posts have slowed, and some thoughts on education.

I am on vacation in Wyoming and taking some courses on E-learning ecologies, critical thought and technology in education, and virtual teaching. When it comes to education, I am not a optimist about the technologies given what they were designed to do, but I am not a nay-sayer either. Still, the flexibility implied by “School reform” and the educational focus is completely contrasted with the highly punitive, single instance test. We have the technology do meaningful long-term pattern recognition with students, but we don’t have the will to develop it.

THis is just some of my thoughts from the first few days of my classes. I started blogging in 2008 as a “skeptical education blogger and poet,” and in the few posts you see from me in the next month (I still have a full-time job starting in a month and podcast commitments), you will probably see more of this.

However, if you want to get my thoughts on the structure of global education, you can listen to me talk for three hours on the subject here:


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