Reflection on my old blog

My old blog, written back in the heady moments of Occupy largely and the year there after, and back in the “Skeptic’s Movement” controversies of the late Aughts in its first incarnation three years before that, had a lot more readers than this one. This blog has a lot of what I consider my better writing, but I was wondering what changed.  Obviously the mathematics of facebook makes growing a blog through it difficult, and the fact I don’t really engage in twitter had something to do with it.

Now my social media presence, which is significantly more snarky, does attract a lot of followers, but it burns people out–including myself–with its tendency towards pure critique.    But Disloyal Opposition had a lot more readers–perhaps it was the interviews, which I now do for my two podcasts.  Perhaps it was the fact that I benefited from the zeitgeist and I was throwing around bigger theorist names, but more incoherently and with less and less, well, gusto.

Who knows.   I suppose I am asking what you guys see as the difference?


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