Recent Podcast Content on All the Pods

While I have actually under-produced editing recently because I took a profane fire-ball to the face from my water-heater three weeks ago.  I was not severely burned, but I was burned and wasn’t doing any real non-mandatory work for two weeks.  Regardless, Steven and I finally got some content out for Former People, and its podcast.

formerpeoplepod_FotorWe have an hour discussion about Alejandro Jodorowsky’s key movies from the 1960s and 1970s.    I talk smack about Jaws and Star Wars. I have a fascination with Jodorowsky not only as a film maker, but also as a human being.  There is something both profoundly sweet and profoundly alienating about him and his work.   Steven and I have had to make some decisions: the interviews were the most popular part of the site, and we are thinking semi-regular audio interviews would be a good idea on the arts. I have MFA days contents and favors to call in, I suppose.

Then back at the homestead, Symptomatic Redness (and its supplement Antagonisms) are doing well, except that I can’t edit as fast as I interview.  We have interviews coming out Ashley Frawley, Sasha Day, Leo Panitch, part 2 of Steven Keen, Steven Shaviro, KMO and much more as well as bonus discussions with Amogh and I on “cultural marxism in the right,” “stand-point theory” and Rawls as neo-liberal.  On Antagonisms Arya and I will finish our discussion of fascism. You will here this when I have time to edit them. I think I can do two-to-three a month, but we sometimes interview double that, so eventually I will have a back log.  This may be good when I move to Egypt and scheduling with North America will be MUCH more complicated. I think there may be more British guests at that time.


Regardless, our two recent episodes are quite good:

Our first part of an interview with Steven Keen.   I thought Keen was a bit optimistic on SYRIZA, and I think I have been vindicated in that suspicion.  That said, Steven Keen was very generous with his time and his data.

Then there is our most recent episode with Nick Srnicek on Acceleration and Folk Politics.     I think Srnicek illustrates both the interesting and problematic elements of accelerationism as a category as well as some of the organization hopes and problems.

Lastly, while I am not a formal co-host, I do freelance for Zero Books as a reader and am a semi-regular guest on Doug’s podcasts. We have discussed reviving Pop the Left/Program, and even recorded a few episodes, but I am not sure they will be released. Regardless, we did release a discussion on both my new podcast project as well as “cultural Marxism.”


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