Nine days in a hospital. Probsbly out tomorrow. Don’t worry, I am not in the states and I have insurance. It’s a fiscal hit, but not a like it would be I’m the states.

Emergency surgery from s complication from a fifteen year old surgery interacting with food poisoning. Random. But it was serious surgery, and I didn’t eat anything for six days. However, I am incapacitated bodily for a while–not totally. I can walk, but not far and not in heat and not carrying anything for at least four week. I can do some of my job after another week, but I cannot bend for a few weeks beyond that or pick up more than a couple of kilos. I have lost weight but I am not sure how much. special diet. In two months, however, I leave Mexico for US. I have to travel to the south and mountain west, and a month after that I leave for Cairo with my partner and our two cats.

I may posting notes on books here, but closing up my job here in Torreon will be a lot of work once I can go back. I have to re-evaluate all commitments because of this. It is weird though because for the last few days my mind has been lucid,but my body does not respond correctly.

What is more interesting is that as overwhelming as this is, I am actuslly I’m better spirits than I have been in a while. random acts of your body being reminded its finite clarify the mind if the pain does not make you bitter.


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