This phase is probably complete

From the internet dispatches, if you read the archives, you can see me move from devoted to many ideas to questioning them to almost becoming “get off my lawn” about it.   The debates aren’t particularly useful and as I get more critical my readership has declined.  I actually think this is fine, but I also don’t get as much from this as I used to.

I have said it would be for my book, but that project has shifted four times as I do research and find I just don’t have a lot to say on a topic without getting into anecdotes.  I will do book reviews here, publish writing about art and poetry (which I don’t do enough of anymore), and probably republish poems here from time to time.

That said, political ranting is probably done for now.  I have been saying this for years now–that I was going to move on and devote my writings to more to what I care about, to work on books, to work on poetry, to work on articles for friend’s who do publishing instead of ranting here.

It’s time to do that.


2 thoughts on “This phase is probably complete

  1. That sounds like a plan. I wish you the best of luck in shifting your focus. I respect the desire to discern what is important and prioritize.

    It’s funny, though, that I became so interested in your blog because of your critical stance. Even when I disagree with you, I get more out of our exchanges than I do with most other people.

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