Two Poems (Green Triangle, 2006)

Two Poems By C. Derick Varn




The Exponential Distribution of Dread


Class take note:

the crackle of beef, grease

pops and the fear of burned

flesh slides slowly towards

infinity.  The arch of supple

skin slims down on a graph

of liquid fats and, then, the

blouse is pulled tight around

the waist.   Mathematically,

the equation lies within

pain and the length between

each second as it passes.


Another example: Merlot

stains satin just beneath

the collar.   The function of

dread captures only the

blue irises peering

as she dines over salmon

and long grain rice. Each

steams into her face, fogs

her vision.  Furthermore,


dread is a variable without

memory.    With any prime

occurrence the chart

slims to the petty chatter

of teeth at drive-in slasher

flicks.   The plot archetypical:

running, tripping, the glint

of a kitchen knife.  Likewise,

these plug into place,

producing sighs with

the sight of every wrinkled

hand on a door frame.



Dread distributes each

moment with a quick

breath and pounding

pulses.   There is no

simple equation, only

variables like the moment

before fingernails

rake a chalkboard.




A Purging

Cursing in my sleep,

the wedding gifts

scattered about the

carpet like refugees

after three days of

bombing.   The night


brings no comfort, only

whispers of stainless steel

coffee makers and past lovers.


My wants, the dire things,

bellow across the night.

Married for three years and

nothing brings the

solace of burning

the future others

planned for you:


the tea-sets, the photo albums,

the longing for children, the

dogs in birch trees, the calico

cats under the picket fence.


There is nothing new here:


A newscast filters into

my dream and with

it a soft static, the

noise from which all

things come.


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