This Blog Returns as well as podcasts… obviously

Dear Gentle Readers:

In the past two weeks, I have revived this otherwise defunct blog as my primary writing outlet. I may one day write for Zero Books blog as well, and I am certainly podcasting for them behind the membership wall.

Symptomatic Redness, the podcast I co-host, has been in the doldrums for a year or so.  My producer’s family and my own had run-ins with cancer but life is normalizing and production should return soon.

Former People should be returning from a five month hiatus on the blog and the literary magazine is returning to roughly bi-monthly updates.

I would also like to think Very Bad Wizards for linking to my write up of on Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Two lessons were learned from that, proof before publishing and attacking celebrities gets you a ton of hits even if your point is utterly missed.

Expect weekly to bi-weekly posts.



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