The rumors of my fascism are greatly overstated

There is almost no way to address the charge that one is a fascist.  The forms of ur-fascism one can be charged with legitimately or illegitimately are almost too numerous to mention.  It is true that I have been influenced by “right-wing” thinkers–most specifically Heidegger, Nietzsche, and Schmitt–and that I used to do work with paleo-conservatives and libertarians in the Anti-War movement. I considered myself part of the former group for a large part of my early adulthood, and in many ways still have paleo-conservative sympathies in that I can read the American Conservative without wanting to vomit, which is not something I can do for a publication such as Taki Mag.

Lately, I have been informed, that am now a fascist who believe in Charles Murray’s bell curve and that it can be explained by racial genetics.  I should ignore this; after all, I was accused to being a liberal Zionist by an opposed group of leftists for doubting the efficacy of the boycott and divestment with Israel given Israel’s arms contracts.  There is a tendency on social media to resort of a mixture of typological thinking and the genetic fallacy, and in the “far left” circles, where calling someone the appropriate discrediting “-ist” has a lot more power, this tendency is expanded.

So just so a particular form of slander can be made clear:

  • I do not believe that “race” is a good a proxy for phenotype difference.   Races, such as “whiteness,” have ties to morphological tendencies with some phenotypical correlation but also cultural and religious ones.  Explanations for differences in achievement can be explained by some heritable traits–but even if one assumes that sexual selection is still playing a large role in human development, there is no way to not see other factors like poverty, testing bias, etc. as playing a role in these problems.  Furthermore, many of the “racial” categories I see people use, such as “Hispanic”  do not correlate even to morphological differences in people, much less aggregate phenotype traits, even for things in which the current genetic evidence indicates may be highly inheritable (such as dispositions towards depression or anger).
  • Racial nationalism is incoherent.  Nationalism in general seems like a cheap proxy for kinship bonds  which are projected unto more or less imaginary communities.  A shared language, while it does have big implications for cultural spheres, cannot be explained even on national lines, much less “racial” nationalist ones, and the exact proxy for kinship bonds is mostly just self-delusion.

Furthermore, these are things I have always believed, either right or left. Even in my more rightward days, I distanced myself from paleo-conservatives because I saw VDare and what was to become Alt. Right as essentially just silly racialism.  I opposed the same notions of national liberation that were stated on explicit racial lines ON the left, particularly in Maoist doctrines,  for the same reasons.

Do I think this will get the charge of my “fascism” dropped? I doubt it.  I cut ties with a lot of the “left” over what I saw as basically substituting trolling for politics, and text-proofing for polity.  I suspect this will not matter much to those who want to take twist. In fact, I predict this will be quoted out of context as well.

3 thoughts on “The rumors of my fascism are greatly overstated

  1. That is strange. I can’t imagine why someone would accuse you of fascism. I’ve read a lot of what you’ve written. You are a person who is hard to categorize. That is what makes your writings interesting to read. But even if I had to force you into a category, fascist wouldn’t be a category that comes to mind.

    Like you, I have more tolerance of something like the American Conservative. I interact with my conservative father all the time and that is the type of publication he reads. I have certain sympathies for aspects of particular conservative worldviews. I understand some of the impulse behind them on a more personal level.

    I can even read the racialist HBDers and can even enjoy reading them. I think some of them make very good points on occasion. It doesn’t change the problems with their ideology, but I’m fine with looking for the useful and worthy while leaving the rest.

    It is important to understand opposing views for many reasons.

    • Yes, I have read a lot of that material as well for that exact reason, but I don’t agree with it. There science is bogged up by the fact they don’t really question their categories at all. There are geneticist who think race refers to something valid, but almost none would say what HBD people say. Ironically, HBD comes from Jonathan Marks book called Human Biodiversity. Marks opposes “race realist” HBD in almost every form.

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