The Strange Habit of Self-Reflection, Or, on Reading Myself.

I have recently wanted to separate my work from Disloyal Opposition which is now run by a very good writer who has little ideological compatibility to me. Unforunately, a year ago, when I made him chief administrator of that blog, it attributed my writings to him.   Given the differences of our opinions and our writing styles, it was best if I archived my writing here.   I apologize for those who follow and got nearly 50 posts yesterday.

There is always something strange about reading your prior work.  You see how poorly you proof-read five or three years ago.  Yet, rendering my past opinions an object to my current subjectivity, alienates those opinions from their original context and the moments in which I thought them.  I often feel stupid, or, at best, naive.  Given I have maintained and destroyed several blogs in my life–most of them not open to the public.  Furthermore, I have developed some what radically over time, so watching that development in print is particularly strange.


One thought on “The Strange Habit of Self-Reflection, Or, on Reading Myself.

  1. Thank u for your honesty. I wonder what ‘type’ is distance is enacted there? I myself have had similar experiences with my own writing. I guess somehow, though, I intuitively (maybe) knew I would encounter this at some point. So one one hand, some older writings I included a sort of disclaimer, indicting the process, but on the other hand, some I only needed to change a few terms or add sentences to clarify what is was happening.

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