When something becomes larger than a few rants, but you need to slow down…

For years I have been asked to write a book on various left-wing things: an attempt at pathologies of the left, or historigraphy of the left.  I have two books of poetry completed and reviewed but not out. I have most of an interview book done, but these “Strange Death of Liberal Wonktopia” have caught the eye of people more than anything I have written since a fairly petty-shit posting about Neil Degrasse-Tyson.  In fact, this the first thing I have written since 2011 that I cared about politically that people are actually responding too.

I am also, as some have figured out, at a particular point in my life.  I need to slow down for a white and develop some of this thinking.  It may become a book.  Regardless, even if it doesn’t, I am going to continue to ride out the dying gasps of Wonktopia and the beginning of “Fear of Trump Planet” with posts and analysis. I need, however, to slow down.

I am traveling to Dubai in the coming week for work, and then the holidays hit, and I will be visiting Salt Lake City and the snow-covered high desert of Wyoming.  I will be writing in the meantime.  I need to sit and watch things, get a better grasp on the statistics and maybe talk to some more people.  Expect more here, and maybe expect something bigger like a book that collects this and fleshes it out.





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